Sunday, March 9, 2014

Home Improvement Sewing Supplies

Need a long table for cutting out?  Don't want to spend a fortune on a "cutting table" at your local sewing center.  Get thee to a Home Improvement center for your home sewing needs.

A door.  A cheap door. Works wonderfully for a large cutting surface.

For 24 bucks a hollow core door is a quick fix.  (get the one without the predrilled hole for a doorknob).  Put it over an existing small table or sawhorses and you have a really long and large surface to work on.  Throw on some cutting mats and now you are cooking.  Takes hardly any space to store when not in use.

Don't look at the mess, look at the table!  This is my studio with our grumpy elf supervisor doing a selfie.  Three doors on tables.  Cheapest workroom ever.

Home Improvement Centers are also terrific places to shop for measuring tools.  Much less expensive than sewing centers.

Invaluable when cutting out.  I use mine constantly, it makes a great edge to cut against with a rotary cutter.

A 48 inch long metal ruler for 8.97.  Who can beat that?  A must have.  Discount job lot types of places have these even cheaper than the big retailers.

Once you have your door, and measuring tools, pick up some cheap clamps to help secure your rulers for cutting out those long piece of fabric on the straight.

Only 99 cents.  Get a few.  Use them to clamp down the metal ruler, it keeps it secure while you use the straight edge for marking or cutting.

And just when you think you are all done shopping at the orange or blue monster, hit the Laser Aisle and find a cheap laser level.  It shoots a straight line.  Priceless, ok, it has a price, cheap at 15.97.

Need to cut out some buttonholes?  The Hardware Aisle is the place for you.  Wood chisels are the way to go.

They often come in sets with a variety of sizes.  Use on a cutting mat, and you will get perfect holes every time.

Not 18th century, not pretty or pink, but cheap, practical tools that can save you time and money.


  1. wood chisels for cutting buttonholes, that's such a great idea.

  2. chisels.... for buttonholes... so wrong, yet so right. It's genius.

    1. I actually bought a sewing notion buttonhole cutter many years ago, and I still have it and it is shaped just like a chisel. The trouble is that it is only 1/2 inch wide and when you have to move it, sometimes the cut gets raggedy. No misshapen holes when you have one exactly the size you need with a wood chisel!

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  4. Do you really use all of these different tools for sewing? I thought all you needed was a sewing machine and some scissors. It would be good to find a pair of scissors for my mom. She has been sewing some quilts and her's broke on this last one. They were old.

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