Thursday, August 29, 2013

Put Your Sunglasses On!

Wear em if you got em, this excellent short sacque is screaming zonkers yellow!

Whitaker Auction
I told you it was yellow.  Even though it is tempered with the blue stripe, there is no hiding in a corner with this fabric.  Simple folded back robings, simple stomacher, gorgeous fabric.  The site is calling it ottoman silk, you can clearly see in some of the images, the wavy pressed lines of a watered silk, what we would call today moire.  It is not clear in all the pictures.  Would have to see in person for a final verdict. Very wide pleats running down center front.

BREAKING News:  This has been identified as having been in a French auction many years ago, thus making the odds of it being French very, very good.

The use of the stripe sideways on the stomacher really emphasizes the vertical stripe on the robings. It is also easy to see how the robings start to angle over the shoulder with this stripe.

Simple back pleats cleverly using the stripe in the folds.  A sweet gown.  You can also see a bound hem around the bottom of the petticoat.  I wish there were interior details.  This would be lovely to examine in person.  Right now the date of the auction is not set.  A possible road trip to see it.


  1. Interesting to me is how full the sleeves look, especially at the tops. What year would you put this at?
    Thanks for the posting! I see why they say symmetrical stripes are the way to go, and thank goodness, because working out some of those layouts could be a nightmare otherwise,
    Nancy N

  2. Positively breathtaking. You aren't kidding about needing sunglasses, tho!