Saturday, December 15, 2012

Looking Back-Looking Forward

Even Facebook is wrapping up the year, with a new composite of the major events of 2012.  Amazingly my version had all 18th century images of art, people and clothing.  Who knew?  So a wrap up on ye olde blog seems to be the thing to do.

The project I enjoyed the most this past year was Mitt Madness.  Making up the pattern and developing a way to teach a workshop on how to make mitts was probably the most satisfying new project of last winter.

Starting a pattern from scratch, figuring out the kinks and getting it to work is always a treat.  Because I enjoy making mitts so much, this one small little project turns out to be my favorite when I look back on 2012.

So while I made a bunch of stays, a lot of gowns, caps, aprons, shifts, bedgowns, cloaks, petticoats and hats, the mitts were my personal fave.

What I did not get a chance to do is also a pretty long list.  So many other projects are hanging that I want and need to do, including another silk embroidered waistcoat, a ribbon embroidered waistcoat, a riding habit or two or three or four for the upcoming workshop.  I need to finish patterning a 1770s sacque and pattern a new English gown, finish two gowns under construction, and finally make the Deerfield banyan, now that I have the fabric.  

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be just as busy as 2012.

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